Walking Lilly

Lilly's home is in NW Montana where she shares her home with three humans and three cats.  We tell anyone who will listen that this is possibly the most beautiful place on the planet.  There is a reason Montana is called "The Last Best Place"... because it is.

One Sunday morning in March, Lilly and I headed out around 7:00am for our morning walk. It was still cool (high 20's), but the sun was shining and the road was quiet.  I decided to take my camera with me to chronicle our walk.   These pics show

A glorious Sunday morning walk. Looking down the driveway. Looking up the driveway toward the house Turning left toward the horse farm
Being beautiful! Lilly leading the way Something new to sniff Heading back home
  Queen of the mountain! A Polar Bear?  

See how we walk Lilly when the weather is bad, she becomes our ATV dog!

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